Thursday, 14 February 2008

The Wars of the Himmelbad Succession

After the disastrous intestacy of Alberich III, Himmelbad initially splintered along the following rough lines:

At first, none were overtly hostile to any other, but certain allied tendencies were already apparent. Kitschberg and Friedwald had affinity as Siegfried and Gustav were close as brothers, and Bohesia gravitated towards them under its loyal Warden. Meanwhile Angstlust under Ferdinand exerted significant pressure on the weak Isabella's Beringia, and Saxestadt's Warden remained loyal to Ferdinand, as surprisingly did the Warden of Hanemia, who declared for Ferdinand 'for the good of Alberich the Great'.

Busenwald was initially neutral, as Ruprecht the bastard took some time in assuming control of his inheritance, for reasons we shall discover.

Only Ostwald and Warzenhof remained truly neutral: Ostwald because it was a particularly dense and swampy forested region, and Warzenhof because it seized the chance to be a nexus of trade for the entire kingdom, hoping to become independently wealthy out of all proportion to its size.


Bluebear Jeff said...

This looks promising. I like it . . . so I'll be watching to see how things develop.

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Stokes Schwartz said...

An interesting and colorful map! What kind of political, trade, and military relations exist between those territories who are still talking to one another?

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Fitz-Badger said...

nice map! :-)

abdul666 said...

A rather complex situation, full of possibilities: looking forward to watch the interactions.


MurdocK said...

Yes, the Duchy of Mieczyslaw, will watch these developments closely...

Byrhthelm said...

H'mmm, very interesting, Ober Nord Westfalen will closely monitor this situation.

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